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Infinity Bottle (World's first Whisky Blending Kit)

For the love and lovers of whisky, your perfect gift has just launched. Infinity Bottle is the world's first whisky blending kit complete with Blending Handbook compiled by renowned whisky author, Blair Bowman. Beautifully crafted, ready to blend and ready to record history. An age old simple but very special concept, an Infinity Bottle puts the dregs of an almost finished whisky bottle to good use by blending it together in a bottle or decanter with other almost finished whiskies. The bottle’s life is infinite - when the level drops, it is simply topped up with any other whisky on hand. It is a blend like no other - your very own living creation and the rarest of whiskies. Ultimately the rules of the Infinity Bottle are yours to write. Some bottlers just add their odds and ends into the bottle with no intention other than to create a curiosity, while others methodically tweak and test to create the perfect flavour profile to match their taste. Some blend for themselves, while others blend as a thoughtful gift. The Infinity Bottle Whisky Blending Kit imagines a world where Infinity Bottles are passed down from generation to generation, first blended centuries before. It all starts here. Each Whisky Blending Kit contains - an Infinity Bottle, blending handbook, message tag, funnel, measure, wax block and tear strip - all beautifully packaged in a printed kraft box. Please note, no alcohol included.


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